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Aquaforte Multipower 22000

Aquaforte Multipower 22000

Ref: MP22000

Price: 159.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Multipower pumps have been developed specially for transportation of large amounts
of water at low pressure. Thanks to its big impeller wings even heavily polluted water
(solids up to 10mm) can be displaced easily. Suited for wet and dry applications
(inlet must be under water level).
The high capacity makes the Multi pumps ideal for filter systems or as a watercourse pump.

Inlet/outlet: 50mm union fittings

Performance Table for the Multipower 22000 Pump


TypeMax FlowMax HeadPower
litres/hr (UK gph)metres (ft)Watts
Multipower 2200022,000 (4845)7.8 (25.5)370

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