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High Performance Power Solutions

Evolution Aqua have teamed up with Matsukoto develop a range of quality, high performance switchboxes that manage all the electrical needs required in the garden and pond environment.

Evolution Aqua Matsuko Switchboxes are ideal for controlling all types of water garden appliance.
They give owners an extra level of freedom and protection by enabling up to 5 devices, such as pumps, filters, skimmers, fountains and lights to all be programmed and controlled by one single
control unit.

There are 3 types of switchbox available:

5 Way Switchbox (SWB•5)
Offering up to 5 lines of power up to 1500 W per line. Each connected device can be manually
powered on or off at the touch of a button.

• Switchmaster (SWB•5P)
(5 Way Programmable Switchbox) - Offers 5 lines of power each delivering up to 1500W per line. Every device that gets connected can be individually programmed to power on or off at your convenience.

• Switchmaster PRO (SWB•5P+PG)
(5 Way Programmable Switchbox with PumpGuard™) - This model offers all the flexibility and
security you need from a 5 way programmable switchbox, with the added benefits of PumpGuard™ and a power consumption monitor.

5 Way Switchbox

5 Way Switchbox

5 Way Programable Switchbox

5 Way Programable Switchbox

5 way Programmable Switchbox with Pumpguard

5 way Programmable Switchbox with Pumpguard
PumpGuard Feature (SWB•5P+PG Only)

PumpGuard™ is patent-pending, smart technology that helps to avoid possible disasters occurring
when your pump blocks or overloads.

Line 1 of every Evolution Aqua Matsuko Switchmaster PRO is set to automatically “learn” how a pump
behaves when it is first connected up and running normally.

Once the learning process is over (approximately after the first 20 minutes of running) PumpGuard™
goes into monitoring mode. It’s just looking out for your pump showing signs of overloading or
cutting out, all day every day.

A pump that constantly keeps restarting can easily burn itself out. PumpGuard™ detects this
situation and will run the pump on a lower intensity program to see if this will correct the
problem. If a solution cannot be found, PumpGuard™ will disconnect the power and save your pump
from damaging itself further. In this situation PumpGuard™ sounds a stop alarm (the signal for a
stop alarm is a faster beeping sound plus a red LED on Line No. 1) and the display shows “Pump

PumpGuard™ is integrated into the top of the range
Switchmaster PRO.

Power Consumption Monitor (SWB•5P+PG Only)

Evolution Aqua Matsuko Switchmaster PRO
switchboxes feature a power consumption monitor.

The digital read out on the screen gives two electrical consumption readings. The Switchmaster PRO
gives a constant read out of the device connected to line 1. The second reading is the total
consumption being used by all devices switched on through lines 1 to 5.

To get a reading for an individual device, simply switch every line off except the line you want to

The consumption monitor gives an indicative reading, with an accuracy of ±5%.