Estrad 7000 Series Ozone GeneratorEstrad 7000 Series Ozone Generator  Ref: ES7000
All Estrad ozone generators are air-cooled types. This air cooling is maximised with the help of the aluminium housing. This housing not only guarantees good cooling, it also assures a very good distribution in the generator itself, so the temperature differences are between 2C. The 7 grams unit has a 8kg aluminium housing! Due to the high frequency/high voltage techniques with soft start, which is unique in the ozone market, these generators are able to produce large amounts of ozone with very small power consumption. This power consumption is also very important regarding the temperature of the ozone generator. The 12 grams generator only takes 120 Watt, that means 10 Watt per gram ozone produced. The great advantage of air cooled ozone generators is the maintenance. While there is no condensation in the internal tube, there will be no 'nitric acid pollution'. When the generator is not running, for example because the right Redox potential value has been reached, condensation can again become a problem in the internal tube. Estrad solved this problem by heating the generator with a small heating element, so that the generator temperature is always approx. 2C higher than the surrounding temperature. In this case, moisture in the air will never be able to condensate in the internal tube. Estrad gives again the possibility for a fully integrated Redox control unit. As an option a digital air flow measurement can be provided for an exact adjustment of this airflow.