Polygeyser Bead FilterPolygeyser Bead Filter  Ref: POLYG
The PolyGeyser beadfilter is a real revolution in filter technique! Designed by the father of the Bubble Bead filter, Dr. Ron Malone. The PolyGeyser beadfilter is automatically self-cleaning without moving parts or electronics, contains EN (Enhanced Nitrification) media (see photo) that offers 50% to 100% greater nitrification than standard beads, and is capable of providing mechanical filtration down to 5 micron particle size! The PolyGeyser filter can be installed underneath or above water level. Any low amp water pump (like Oase, Messner, Red Dragon, Sequence) can be used as a circulation pump. The Polygeyser has the lowest possible pressure loss because it uses no multiport-valve. In and outlets are 3" (±75mm) on the DF-3 and 4 inch (±100mm) on the DF-6. It's already being used in aquaculture, and now it's ready for koi ponds.


Water enters the filter in the middle of the chamber via pipe (A) below the floating beads, and flows up through the beads (C) and out to the pond via pipe (B). A pump, injects air into the collection chamber (D) until it is full. The air is then released automatically up pipe (F) through the bed of beads (C), churning loose captured debris (this is the geyser part).
The water pump continues to run. The beads fall to below the water intake (A), so the new pond water washes down through the beads to the chamber below. As the filter refills, the beads float up to the top of the filter, and the cleaning process is completed. The air pump can be adjusted and its flow measured at (E) filling the chamber (D) for automatic cleaning every two to six hours, keeping the filter media bed at an optimum performance level and debris free. In this way the filter can handle up to ± 2 kilo feed loading per day! The debris falls into the bottom chamber of the filter (H) via the chute (G), the captured debris settles out, and can be released by simply by opening a valve (I) at the convenience of the owner (normally every 2 or 3 days), however the chamber is quite large, so the filter can go for weeks without being flushed, the flushing process uses very little water. The pump doesn't even need to be turned off to purge the collection chamber.

Every filter is equipped with a window (J) to watch the backwash procedure. Maximum pump speed is 10m3/hour (DF-3) or 20m3/hour (DF-6) with a maximum head pressure of 0,7 bar (7 metres). The filter comes with a flow meter for the air pump, a
check valve to be installed in between the pump and the filter and rubber couplings.