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Bertha Modular Filters

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Big Bertha Modular Filter
Big Bertha Modular Filter Ref: BERTHA
This system (as shown) is suitable for 10,000 gallons. It is sold as separate modules each capable of handling up to 2,500 gallons. There is an optional twin feed vortex available (VF3T). Each module s 35” x 40” x 36” high and comes complete with 2 drains, 2 grids, 2 ball valves, 1.5” and 4” tank connectors, bends, internal pipework and a tube of silicone for home assembly (easy stack) making collection and transportation to site less dramatic.
Media is available separately. For ease of delivery and storage these units nest like supermarket baskets and are ready for assembly on site (approx. 15 minutes).

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Normally supplied for gravity fed installation but can also be supplied for pump fed systems.

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