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Blagdon Force Hybrid

Blagdon Force Hybrid
These pumps from Blagdon have been designed to be powerful and economic garden pond pumps, and can be used to power a range of fountains or waterfalls with their high litres per hour output. The pump is low maintenance, which means less time is required to clean the pump and more time can be taken to enjoy your pond.
The intake system has two options, allowing either sludge removal mode which can intake solids up to 8mm or the cage mode, which uses more surface area for the intake meaning lower maintenance.

A multi hose tail inline ball valve is included with force hybrid pumps which allows for convenient control of the water flow in an easy to reach location.

10m of cable is also included and the pump is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee. The Outlet Pipe size is 40mm - 1.5inch.

There are six different models available. Please see the table below for each of their specifications:

Choose Pump Size

Blagdon Force Hybrid Ball Valve

Blagdon Force Hybrid Ball Valve

Multisize Hosetails at both ends

Price: 19.88 (Including VAT at 20%)