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Cloverleaf Shrimps 5 litres

Cloverleaf Shrimps 5 litres

Koi deserve a treat, and what better than a supplementary food that provides the benefits of a natural source of colour enhancement, and also a high nutritional and vitamin value.
Cloverleaf Freshwater Shrimp (dried in their shells) are of the"Gammarus pulex" variety and are selectively used in the factory farming of Trout, Sturgeon & Carp due to their digestibility, purity and vitamin content.

Cloverleaf Freshwater Shrimp Content:
Protein 46% Fibre 6.2% Calcium 3.9% Phosphor 0.3% Water 10.8% Fat 8.5% - Vitamin A and its provitamins.

Available in 650gram tubs (5litre).

Price: 23.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Cloverleaf Silk Worm Pupae _ 5 litres

Cloverleaf Silk Worm Pupae _ 5 litres

A known natural source of fast growth and colour enhancement, High in protein, and as with all our treats, easily digestible. We recommend feeding once a day, when the temperature is above 60deg.F

Cloverleaf Silkworm Pupae Contents:
protein 60% Fat 25% Fibre 3% Ah 6% Moisture 8%

Price: 23.95 (Including VAT at 20%)