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Cloverleaf Bioprotein Fractionator

Cloverleaf Bioprotein Fractionator
The new fractioner/protein skimmer will appeal to all those suffering foam on the pond surface (excess protein or dissolved organic compounds), or those pond keepers who are simply after obtaining the ultimate in water quality via an additional contribution in reducing nitrite levels.

Key assets of the new design are superb value for money, a visual awareness of the units internal behaviour, far more easier maintenance of the venturi, plus the great bonus of incorporating 4 litres of long life floating biological media which significantly enhances water quality and the pond environment.

The new floating plastic media is as used in Cloverleaf’s latest PSS (particle separation system) ADTEC range of Multi Bay Filter’s which following extensive research and development is believed to be technically superior to anything else available on the international market. The media was designed by Cloverleaf and is produced at the Essex factory.

The unit will cater for ponds up to 8,000 gallons (36,000 litres) and is approx 1000mm high (40") with a body diameter of 110mm (4"). Minimum pump requirement are 3,600 LPH (800 GPH) - ideal 4,500 LPH (1,000 GPH). Pipe inlet size 40mm (1.5”) – outlet 50mm (2”). Maintenance of the device is minimal.

Many pond keepers are amazed when they establish just how much dirty waste matter can be extracted from their ponds upon installing a Cloverleaf foam fractioner (protein skimmer) type device. Beyond general contaminants, colourants are also converted into waste, and as an end result water clarity and sparkle is visually improved with a more healthy environment being created.

The importance of having good oxygen saturation levels in Koi ponds is vital for the health of the fish, and of great importance to sustaining the beneficial biological bacteria which colonise within conventional filtration system mediums. This can be achieved by numerous techniques including airstones, or conventional venturi units, however not everyone wishes to having their ponds resemble a witches cauldron, and it is in this area where the “Cloverleaf Foam Fractioner” offers a great bonus by pumping oxygen into the water in a subtle fashion (within the device).

It should be stressed that the a Foam Fractioner cannot be regarded as a substitute for a poor pond biological and mechanical filtration system.

Price: 159.28 (Including VAT at 20%)

Cloverleaf Bioprotein Fractionater with OzoneCloverleaf Bioprotein Fractionater with Ozone Ref: CLEAFFO
The Cloverleaf "Foam Fractioner" offers very good value and specification, and will appeal to those with foam on the pond surface (excess protein or dissolved organic compounds), or those committed to obtaining the ultimate in water quality. The unit will cater for ponds up to 8,000 gallons (36,000 litres) and is 600mm dia x 350mm high. Minimum pump required 4,500 LPH. Pipe inlet 40mm outlet 50mm.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and its use maintains the desired Redox level in closed aquatic environments. We produce ozone by passing a very high electrical charge through a tunnel called a corona. Dried air is pumped through the corona and a reaction takes place converting the oxygen to ozone. When we pump water through the reaction chamber (a sealed unit designed to allow the correct exposure/flow rate for maximum effect) and inject the ozone, continuous oxidization takes place. Apart from the benefits of improved Redox potential through the destruction of nitrates, ammonias, phenols and organics.the ozone will kill all parasites, burn off all water borne bacteria and viruses and even control blanket weed!!

Price: 325.43 (Including VAT at 20%)