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Cloverleaf General

Offered with a “Clear Water Guarantee” (see details elsewhere) the Cloverleaf range of Ultraviolet Clarifiers have many unique design advantages that make them the finest and safest unit available on the market today. Only the Cloverleaf UV incorporates a highly efficient spiral water flow for maximum exposure, and the latest electronic technology is used to provide the unit with low power usage. The range of models (from 8 to 864 watt) all benefit from being easily installed into any filtration system using universal inlet & outlet – i.e. inside dia 1.5” standard waste, Key Terrain, Hunter, Osma, or Polypipe. The outside diameter takes pressure pipe coupling. All units are supplied complete with a set of stepped universal hosetails ranging from 0.5” to 1.50” inches. The full Cloverleaf range have naturally been designed for ease in replacing all major components, thus ensuring a long lifetime. All Cloverleaf UV's are IP55 protected.
All Cloverleaf UV Clarifiers make use of quality Germicidal lamps with a specification wavelength of 254nm (nanometres) - also known as UV-C or shortwave. This range is proven to be the most effective in germicidal applications, but for a few home truths and further details on performance CLICK HERE.

Warnings: (1) Never look directly at a UV lamp whilst switched on as this can cause severe damage to the eyes. (2) All pond related electrical devices should be adequately protected via an RCD unit.

The Benefits Of UV Clarifiers:
Single cell algae’s forming green water are not just unpleasant to look at, but at the same time contribute to lowering the “kh” value which is so important to fish health, and to the nitrification process within the filter system. Algae’s also contribute towards lowering oxygen levels, whilst meanwhile increasing “ph” levels – both of which are not desirable. The use of Ultra Violet is the safest of international techniques for obtaining clear water, and unlike many chemicals detrimental effects or pollution is impossible. In addition general plant and pond life are unaffected with a UV.

The actions of ultra violet light onto single cell algae’s does not actually kill them, but converts the algae’s DNA structure to the point where they flocculate together, and thus form larger particles which will not so easily pass through the mechanical filter mediums. The amount of sunlight which the pond receives is the biggest of factors in the promotion of algae's, and for such reasons the selected size of a UV unit should take such environmental aspects into account (see UV Calculation Page).