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Aquaforte P Pumps

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Aquaforte P Series Pump

Aquaforte P Series Pump


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The Eco Max P Series Pond Pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The Eco Max P Series Pond Pumps cage is specially designed to prevent it clogging by providing the maximum surface area.

Eco Max P Series Pond Pumps can also be used dry mounted inline. When used for a dry installation the pump inlet must be below Water Level
Inlet and outlet connections are as per the table above.
When using a pond pump to power a filter system reliability is essential. That is why the Eco Max P Series Pond Pumps key features provide total reassurance.


Pumps large quantities of pond water with low electricity consumption

Vortex impeller blade can handle solids up to 6 mm
Pump outlet has a detachable hosetail 25-38mm (1",1¼", 1½").
2 Year Manufacturer Backed Guarantee
Eco Max P Series Pond Pumps are also suited for dry application (inlet must be under water level).
Eco Max P Series High Pressure pond Pumps are suitable for both horizontal and vertical use.
Eco Max P series High Pressure Pumps have a strong head pressure.

Eco Max P Series Pump Performance Table

Type No,Max Flow RateMax HeadMax PowerConnections
litres/Hr (gph)metres (ft)wattsInlet/Outlet
P 1500015000 (3300)6.5 (21)2902"/1"
P 2000020000 (4400)7.5 (24)4202"/1"
P 2500025000 (5500)8.0 (26)5202"/1"
P3500035000 (7700)8.5 (27.5)6502"/2"
P 4000038500 (8480)11.0 (36)10002"/2"

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