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Aquaforte 2gram Ozone Generator

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Aquaforte 2 Gram Ozone Generator

Aquaforte 2 Gram Ozone Generator
AquaForte introduce a brand new type of ozone generator. The technique used in this generator is extremely
useful for ponds with bio filters or natural ponds.
What makes this new technique so special compared to existing systems?
- Extremely easy and safe operation.
- Easy to maintain (cleaning without tools!).
- Fully ‘visible’ operation with an adjustable ozone production of 100 mg to max. 2 gram Ozone (O³) per hour, based on air.
- Suited for Ozone injection in water as in air.
- Designed for the use in quarantine tanks and middle sized ponds (15 to 20m³).
- Ozone application will result in crystal clear water when used in conjunction with other essential filtration eg. biological
- Low in energy.
- Robust aluminium waterproof case with long-life ceramic corona modules that do not need to be replaced.

Price: 1,018.08 (Including VAT at 20%)

Aquajet 2000 Venturi

Aquajet 2000 Venturi
These Venturi simply connect to the return pipework to the koi pond . As the water passes through the Venturi it draws in air from the atmosphere or Ozone from an Ozone Generator
There are two funnels supplied with the kit a small one and a large one. Depending on the output of the pump one of these is just pushed into the rear of the main body of the venturi. A simple but very effective way of increasing the oxygen levels in your koi pond or pumped filter system.

Size Can be fitted in to a 1½ waste socket

Note Can be fitted in any pumped line. It will not work in a gravity fed line.

Price: 18.00 (Including VAT at 20%)