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Fuyufuji Koi Food

Fuyufuji Koi Food
All Weather - Formally Nobori

This product is in the interest of the health of your Koi, naturally enhances the colouring of the Koi with no artificial colouring , it is particularly effective in maintaining the health of the KOI.

Plants, plankton (Hemathococcus) which abounds in natural Astaxanathin has been added to make the most natural color enhancement possible.
Astaxanathin is particularly excellent for the enhancement of the brightest red.
Through the effectiveness of lactoferin, the bodily sheen of the Koi is boosted to even more effectively enhancing the white ground.

It becomes soft in the water in a short time and is a buoyant feed. Not too soluble in water, it does not soil the water.

It becomes soft in a short time and is coreless so that even in water at low temperatures, it still has excellent digestive properties.

This mixture of natural ingredients provides the most attractive taste for the Koi.
Fuyufuji is a natural food which uses no artificial colouring additives.

Wheat flour, Fish meal, Soybean meal, Cuttlefish meal, Hemathococcus, Lactoferin, Natural Astaxanthin,
Vitamins and Minerals.

Crude Protein Min 37% Crude fat Min 4% Crude Fibre Max 3% Ash Max 11%

Phosphate 0.9% , Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.3%,

A 25,000 IU/kg D3 2,000 IU/kg E 200mg/kg C 300 mg/kg

Available in Medium(4 - 5mm) or Large (6 - 7mm) Pellets.

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