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Medicarp Colour Koi Food

Medicarp Colour Koi Food
Medicarp Color Enhancer is especially koi food, prepared with quality ingredients for maintaining healthy koi and improve body and color. Medicarp Color Enhancer contains Astaxanthin to improve the red color of koi. The Vitamin C in Medicarp Color Enhancer helps protect the white color Koi and sharpen the contrast between the red and the white. Vitamin C also enhances the shine of the skin. It also contains Medicarp Color Enhancer Vitamin E, which helps reduce stress and supports the vitality and energy of Koi. Medicarp Color is manufactured as a floating type Koi feed, retains its shape and does not cloud the water.

This food contains yeast which supports strength and vitality, seaweed extract which helps strengthen a Koi's natural mucus and it is also fortified with Astaxanthin which promotes the vibrant and distinctive colours natural to Koi.

• Only natural ingredients


Crude protein 34,0%, Crude fat 7,0%, Crude Fibre 2,1%, Crude ashes 8,4%.


Phosphorus 1,2%, Calcium 1,4%, Sodium 0,2% and Astaxanthin.


Vitamin E 200 mg/kg, Vitamin C 300 mg/kg,

Available in Medium(4 - 5mm) or Large (6 - 7mm) Pellets.

  • Medium (4-5mm)   
  • Large (6-7mm)   

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