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Nexus Eazy 320 +

Nexus Eazy 320 +

Ref: NEXEAZY320+

Price: 1,595.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Introducing the next generation of Nexus Filtration Systems from Evolution Aqua.

The Nexus 320+ filtration system delivers dramatically improved levels of clarity for ponds. Building on the success of the award winning Nexus range this new generation of filters cleverly combine mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system.

The Nexus 320+ feature a re-designed Eazy filter which utilises the all new K1 Micro Filter Media, in a static bed, to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. The Nexus filter systems also use the acclaimed K+ Media in the moving bed to deliver outstanding levels of biological filtration. Together these filter media deliver crystal clear and healthy water.

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Nexus Eazy 320 +

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Nexus Eazy 320+ Specification
Maximum Pond Size34,000 litres 7500 UKgallons
Recommended Flow Rate11,000 litres/hr 2420 UKgallons/hr
Maximum Flow Rate13000 litres/hr 2860 litres/hr
K1 Micro Supplied in Easy20 litres in Inner Chamber (Eazy Mechanical)
K+Media Supplied100 litres in Outer Chamber (Biological)
Maximum amount of K+ Media300 litres
Volume of Water in Outer Chamber635litres 140 UKgallons
Volume of Water in Inner Chamber205litres 45 UKgallons
** See Air Pump Recommendations

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**Air Pump Recommendations
Total K1 Media in Outer ChamberRecommended Airtech Air Pump
100 litres as suppliedAirtech 95
100 - 150 litresAirtech 130
150 - 300 litresAirtech 150