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Oase Aqua Skim 40 Standing Skimmer

Oase Aqua Skim 40 Standing Skimmer
Ref: IP350
Oase Standing Skimmer
A Skimmer in the pond removes debris floating at the surface, preventing it from clouding the water. The OASE Skimmer features a fixed foot which is designed to hold pebbles, allowing it to be naturally integrated into the garden pond. This also ensures that it is firmly anchored and can operate successfully in garden ponds where the water level varies (up to 12 cm automatic adjustment). The OASE Skimmer was primarily developed as an accessory product for the very successful filter system, BIOsys. The special hose nozzle ¾" to 1 ½" guarantees problem-free connection. It functions with all pumps of the Aquamax series as it allows dirt particles of up to 8 mm to pass through. Other pumps can be used with the skimmer provided that they circulate at least between 50 and 250 litres/minute.
Max depth of pond for Skimmer 300 - 800 mm

Price: 64.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Oase Swim Skim

Oase Swim Skim
Ref: SKIM25
SwimSkim 25
• Leaves, pollen or other algae nutrients get into pond water via
the surface. OASE skimmers powerfully and effectively pull
this debris from the surface into the collection basket. Thus
the debris is removed from the pond eco-system before it
stresses the pond.
• The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth
through a reduced nutrient balance
• Suitable for ponds with a surface of up to 25 m2
• Powerful drive thanks to 2500 litre circulation pump.
• Including an injector that enriches the pond with oxygen
• Fine foam for mechanical/biological filtration
(included in the scope of delivery)
• Ice preventer function through water movement
• Easy maintenance thanks to removable collection basket.
• Automatically adjusts to any water level
(at least 40cm water depth required)

Price: 99.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

Oase Swim Skim CWS

Oase Swim Skim CWS
The successful SwimSkim concept has been consistently further developed: The big brother of the multi-talented SwimSkim 25 now keeps pond surfaces up to 50 m2 free of leaves, pollen, or similar particles.

Thanks to the innovative whirlpool function of the SwimSkim CWS, contaminants on the pond floor are stirred up and thus SwimSkim CWS is an ideal supplement to the FiltoMatic CWS. An aerator function that supplies the pond with vital oxygen, is also integrated.

Floating skimmer for pond surfaces to 50 m2.
Ready for immediate implementation thanks to integrated pump.
Whirlpool function as a supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS.
Aerator function for supplying the entire pond with oxygen.
Easy cleaning; just remove the filter basket.

Price: 199.99 (Including VAT at 20%)