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Proline Specification Table
ModelDimensions (inches)Pond Size
L x W x HGallons
Proline S235 x 29 x 311000 - 1500
Proline S352 x 29 x 311500 - 2500
Proline S470 x 29 x 312000 - 3500
Proline L384 x 32 x 373000 - 5000
Proline L4112 x 32 x 374500 - 6000

Proline Multibay Filtration

Proline Multibay Filtration
What makes the Pro-line system so different?

PRO LINE multibay units in GRP meet all your needs and those of your fish, at a price that won't leave you in shock.

Fifteen years of expertise have gone into their development, to bring you solidly-constructed filters we KNOW will do the job.

No fancy gimmicks, strange shapes or untried theories - 'just' workmanlike design and stylish simplicity.

PRO-LINE outlasts filter fads and stands the test of time.

See Table above to Select Correct Filter for your Pond

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Lid For Proline Filters

Lid For Proline Filters
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