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Sander Redox Meters

Sander Redox Meters
The redox meter switches an ozone generator on when it is below the desired value, and will switch it off when this set value is reached. This gives you control over the ozone dosage to the water and is a essential element in the system. The redox meters come with calibrated electrode (sensor) which should be replaced every 2 years. There are 2 models available:

Universal model

With a 230V plug outlet that will be switched on/off. and a

Sander Model

Keeps supplying current to the generator but will deactivate ozone dosing. - Suitable for Series C, S and P Models

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Senz Redox Meter for ORP Testing

Senz Redox Meter for ORP Testing
Ref: 813520
Redox tester - the Senz Redox tester is ideal for oxidisation-reduction potential (ORP) measurement. The Redox tester is suitable for a wide variety of applications including monitoring water and pollution.

Senz Redox Specification
SpecificationSenz Redox Tester
Range-999 to 999mV
Accuracy+/- 40mV
Battery4 x 1.5 Volt LR44 Button Cell
Battery Life150 Hours
Display8mm LCD
Dimensions15 x 32 x 170
Weight65 grams

Price: 78.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Hanna Combo pH/ORP/Temp Meter

Hanna Combo pH/ORP/Temp Meter
Ref: HI-98121
The Combo series of combination waterproof testers with advanced functions now includes the new model HI-98121 for simultaneous pH and ORP measurements, also reads temperature.

Designed for use out in the field and in murky conditions, the meters are sealed against humidity, float in water and have a bright green casing making them easily visible in low light levels.

•Dual level LCD screen
•Displays simultaneous readings
•Automatic temperature compensation
•Automatic calibration (HI 98121 only)
•HOLD function freezes readings for ease of recording
•Floating waterproof casing helps prevent accidental loss of meter during testing in difficult conditions
•Battery % level at start up and stability indicator helps ensure tester is in optimum working order
•Cartridge electrode - exclusive to Hanna
•Electrode replacement with stainless steel round connector means there are no pins to bend or break during replacement
•Exposed stainless steel temperature sensor facilitates faster and more accurate temperature measurement
•Combination pH and Redox / ORP electrode (HI 98121 only)

Supplied with the HI_98121 (ORP/Redox & pH)

•HI 73127 pH electrode
•HI 73128 electrode removal tool
•Batteries & instructions

Price: 209.04 (Including VAT at 20%)

Hanna ORP - Redox Pocket Meter

Hanna ORP - Redox Pocket Meter
Ref: HI-98201

Waterproof pH / °C

Waterproof, accurate and portable, this handy little pocket meter is a true go anywhere pH tester with replaceable electrode

Main benefits

•Automatic buffer recognition and calibration
•Robust, replaceable electrodes
•Proximity of exposed temperature sensor to pH electrode guarantees greater accuracy in temperature compensated readings
•Calibrate direct into Hanna buffer solution sachets
•Battery % displayed on start up with battery error prevention system (BEPS) to support optimum operation

Go anywhere pH testers

•Dual LCD screen displays pH and temperature simultaneously
•Temperature given in °C or °F
•Rubberised, easy to use two button operation
•Waterproof casing designed to float if dropped in water
•Tactile grip casings
•Replaceable electrodes help prolong the life of the meter
•Electrode features stainless steel round connector ensuring there are no pins to bend or break during replacement
•Exposed temperature sensor provides fast response time
•Removable safety cap

Supplied with:
HI 73127 pH electrode,
HI 73128 electrode removal tool,
Batteries and Instructions

Price: 102.60 (Including VAT at 20%)