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Clornomore Cartridge

Clornomore Cartridge
Chloramine is a very stable, hard-to-remove disinfectant and highly toxic to aquatic species which is now increasingly used by water utilities in public supplies throughout the UK.

Koi-keepers need to take great care to ensure that none of this compound reaches the pond as it can destroy the filter balance and seriously damage fish health.

Various media have been promoted to deal with Chloramine but all have suffered from limited effectiveness over any length of “life”.

Purity on Tap are therefore now happy to be able to offer the koi-keeper the new super-effective “CHLORNOMORE”cartridge.

This specially manipulated activated carbon, never before seen on the aquatic purification market, can out-perform a good activated carbon by anything up to ten times* for removal of this contaminant.

By substituting this for one of our “Short Travel” carbons, a hitherto standard cartridge replacement set for the KP, Protex and Metalex ranges can be upgraded to this much higher performance.

It can also be used to upgrade all other makes using the standard 10” housings to an effective performance.