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Sander Ozone Generators

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Performance Table For Sander Ozone Generators

TypeOzone Flow RateMax Pond SizeOzone Connection
mg/hm mm

Sander OZone Generators

Sander OZone Generators

Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau have over 50 years of experience in building extremely reliable ozone generators. The C-series are
designed for aquarium or quarantine systems, the S- & P-series are suited for most ponds. For bigger projects we can supply Multizon
units on demand. Especially for these Multizon units we strongly recommend ozone detectors. The listed values are measured with the
use of dry air, extra oxygen addition is not needed. The ozone generators can be controlled with Redox meters.

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Sander Redox Meters

Sander Redox Meters
The redox meter switches an ozone generator on when it is below the desired value, and will switch it off when this set value is reached. This gives you control over the ozone dosage to the water and is a essential element in the system. The redox meters come with calibrated electrode (sensor) which should be replaced every 2 years. There are 2 models available:

Universal model

With a 230V plug outlet that will be switched on/off. and a

Sander Model

Keeps supplying current to the generator but will deactivate ozone dosing. - Suitable for Series C, S and P Models

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