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Shori Koi Food

Shori Koi Food
High growth (new to the uk)

Shori is produced by the same manufactures as medicarp ,
Yamato-nishiki , (JPD)

The ingredients in this food are selected carefully with dietetic studies and JPD technology.
This food is formulated with high quality fish and plant protein which makes good digestibility for koi.

Astaxanthin makes red redder and vitamin c makes white whiter.
enriched wit astaxanthin

This food is formulated with probiotics which reduces waste in the water and helps the koi intestines

Protein 45% Fat 8% Fiber 2.5% Ash 8.5% Phosphate 1.0% Calcium 1.5% Sodium 0.4% Astaxanthin 16mg/kg

Phosphate 1.0% , Calcium 1,5%, Sodium 0.4%, Astaxanthin 16.0mg/kg

A 25,000 IU/kg D3 2,800 IU/kg E 200mg/kg C 300 mg/kg

Available in Medium(4 - 5mm) or Large (6 - 7mm) Pellets.

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