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Superbead Filter

Superbead Filter
One of the most overlooked factors that contribute to the pollution of a koi pond is the level of suspended solids. These are small particles of food waste, faeces and algae which contribute to a build-up of pollution in your pond. A build up of suspended solids in the system will, over time, encourage nasty bacteria, a higher ammonia level and lower oxygen (O2) content.

The Superbead is proven to remove all suspended solids before they can dissolve or convert to ammonia, helping the water stay in optimal condition. The removing of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) from the water when the volume of the whole pond is passed through the filter once is:
• 100 percent TSS from 50 micron and higher.
• 60 percent of TSS from between 20 and 50 micron.
• 50 percent of TSS from between 5 and 20 micron.
(1 micron = 0.001mm).
Because of the Superbead’s low pressure operation it can be, and should be, installed with a low pressure and consequently low wattage pump, making it the perfect choice for an economical and eco-friendly system.
Apart from giving you very clear water, the Superbead is incredibly efficient biologically with 1300m2 of surface area per m3 of media. The biological media does not degrade and will never need replacing.
The Superbead is capable of filtering ponds up to 12000 gallons but is compact with a
footprint of just 80cm x 80cm. The unit can be positioned above or below the pond water level.
The Backwash cycle is simple and easy, it can also be converted to automatic with the use of a motorized ball valve and control unit.

It is MOST important to ensure the internal maximum pressure of the shell of the SUPERBEAD does not exceed 0.8bar (11psi) its max working pressure

The Small Superbead filter(4000gallon Pond) comes with 37.5kg of beads
The Large Superbead filter(8000gallon Pond) comes with 75kg of beads

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Super_Set 4000 gallons

Super_Set 4000 gallons
SuperSet 25m3 ponds - New

SuperSet is now available. This complete pre-mounted set, made in 75mm pipe-work, consists of:

• SuperBead Small
• SuperSieve
• Air-Aqua 17 m³
• Submersible UV 40 Watt amalgam
• Pre-mounting and extra connection material

Max Flow 14000 litres/hr (3050gph)

This product is delivered ‘plug-ready’ including flexible connection fittings. To be mounted directly on the bottom drain, return to pond and Drain Connections!

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Price: 2,490.84 (Including VAT at 20%)

Auto Backwash Kit For Superbead Small

Auto Backwash Kit For Superbead Small
Automating a SuperBead!

Automating the SuperBead’s rinsing process is one of the best ways of ensuring high water quality. The filter in that case is fully automatically rinsed; for example every day. This means that any dirt is automatically removed each day. The automatic set (90 mm) comes with a 2x 220V plug. The system pump is connected such that the pump stops during rinsing. If desired, a waste water pump can be connected that is activated during the rinsing process and suctions the water from the SuperBead and pumps it to the sewer.

Price on Appication

20kg Beads for Superbead Filter

20kg Beads for Superbead Filter

Should they be required

Replacement beads for Superbead Filter 20kg

Price: 43.82 (Including VAT at 20%)