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Superfish PondECO Plus E

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Superfish PONDECO Plus E Pump

Superfish PONDECO Plus E Pump


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SuperFish PondECO Plus E
Electronic Filter pump for Koi and fish ponds. The new pump offers very good performance and high head at a very low power consumption (approx. 5 Watt per 1.000 L/h). A pond pump that truly deserves a “green label”!

Including a 2 year Pick-up & Replace service for maximum security.

High water flow output with an extreme low energy consumption.
Run Dry Protection - when the pump runs dry the pump will stop automatically.
Multi-step hose connection.
DCS ceramic drive and gear wheels for minimal wear.
Vortex blades transport coarse dirt particles up to 6 mm
2-year warranty and TÜV approval.

Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use.
When used for a dry installation the pump inlet must be below Water Level

Superfish Pond ECO Plus E Performance Details

ModelMax FlowMax HeadPowerCable Length
Litres/hr (UK gph)m (ft)Wattsmetres
E35003500 (770)2.0 (6.5)1410
E50005000 (1100)3.0(9.8)2210
E80008000 (1762)4.2 (13.7)4110
E1000010000 (2200)5.8 (19.0)6810
E1200012000 (2640)6.0 (19.6)8510
E1500015000 (3300)6.5 (21.3)13010

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