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Ultrabead A closed pressure vessel in which millions of small beads are employed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration. To find the correct filter for your pond and fish /food load press the "More" Button. A Description of the operation of the bead filter can also be seen by pressing the "More" Button

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Ultrabead Performance Table
TypeDiameterHeightPond CapacityMax Fish LoadFood/DayMedia Beads
cmscmslitres (gallons)kgkglitres
UB-4048839500 (2000)350.3550
UB-606110038000 (8000)1001.0120
UB-1007611057000 (12000)1351.35170
UB-1409212095000 (20000)2002.0255

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB60

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB60
Ref: UB60

Price: 1,159.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB100

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB100
Ref: UB100

Price: 1,505.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB140

Ultrabead Bead Filter UB140
Ref: UB140

Price: 2,026.25 (Including VAT at 20%)

Bypass For Multiway valves

Bypass For Multiway valves
Ultrabead have introduced a bypass for Europe’s best selling beadfilter!
Installing the bypass allows the use of more economical pumps. Due to avery compact bypass-system, the multi-way valve is completely unusedduring filtering as the water flows directly into the filter and also leaves
the filter in a direct line. This action results in at least 30% less pressure loss(depending on the type of pump). The bypass system is very easy to installon all UltraBead models, using the unions supplied. Connection: 63mm.

Price: 175.04 (Including VAT at 20%)

Automatic Back Wash Valve

Automatic Back Wash Valve

Ensures a complete automatic backwash process for UltraBead® filters!

Installation only takes a few minutes.

Controls blower and circulation pump automatically.

Easy programmable backwash frequency and duration.

In addition, one push of the button starts an extra cycle immediately. For Further information Click on the "More" Button

Price: 974.83 (Including VAT at 20%)