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Velda Skimmer

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Velda Skimmer

Velda Skimmer
Ref: VS
The ultimate surface cleaner
With built-in pump
A clear and dust-free water surface is a prerequisite for lovely appearance of the pond. During the season, however, quite some dust, pollen, leaves and twigs will be blown on the water surface. To remove this annoying dirt Velda has developed a surface exhauster. This Pond Skimmer is floating on the water surface and continuously drains off the dirt from the water surface with the help of a built in pond pump. The drained off dirt is caught in a waste receiver that can be easily rinsed. The built in pump has a capacity of 2000 litres per hour and it keeps over 20 m² of pond surface dust-free and crystal clear.

The essential product for any koi pond without a fixed skimming system.
Because of the floating design, fluctuatiions in the water level of the pond do not reduce the effectiveness of the device.
Particularly suitable for ponds of varied depths.

Capacity Suitable for flow rates of 2000l/h
Max Pond Surface area 20 m²

Price: 93.46 (Including VAT at 20%)

Velda - Spare filter

Velda - Spare filter

Price: 10.21 (Including VAT at 20%)