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Waterco Aquabiome

Waterco Aquabiome
Aquabiome is designed for ponds and water gardens. It provides mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing. Its ability to support dense populations of nitrifying bacteria and its reliability and easy maintenance, makes Aquabiome especially suitable for high density recirculation systems.

Excellent Nitrification and Mechanical filtration
Hydraulically efficient filter design, balanced slottedl aterals to maximize water flow and filtration.
Corrosion resistant and UV stabilised for outdoor installation.
Air assisted hydraulic backwash, saving time and water.
Superior Quality
Aquabiome fibreglass filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology.

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Aquabiome Bead Filter Technical Data

Nominal Dia mm/inch 400/16500/20600/24750/30900/35
Filter Surface Area m/ft 0.13/1.40.2/2.10.3/3.20.44/4.90.54/7.15
Media Volume litres/gal 43/11368/18117/30.9199/52.6303/80
Media Weight kg/lbs21,5/6.734/958.5/15.599.5/26.3151.5/40
Media Surface Area mm/ft 47.3/50974.8/805128.7/1385218.9/2356333.3/3588
Inlet Outlet Connections mm40 - 5040 - 50 40 - 50 50 - 6350 - 63
Inlet Outlet Connections UK1"1" 1" 2"2"
Min-Max Flow Rate lpm52 - 10180 - 157120 - 226180 - 353255 - 509
Min-Max Flow Rate gpm13.7 - 26.721.1 - 41.531.7 - 59.747.6 - 93.367.4 - 134.5
Max Pond Size litres/gal13000/343420000/530036000/950060000/1590090000/24000
Feed Rate kg/lbs per day0.32/0.710.5/1,10.9/1.981.5/3.312.4/5.29
Filter Dia mm/inch421/16.5"520/20.5"622/24.5"772/30.4"923/36.3"
Overall Height mm/inch856/33.7"815/32.1"880/34.6"993/39.1"43.9"
Multiway Valve Size mm/inch40/1"40/1" 40/1" 50/2"50/2"
Bed Depth mm/inch290/11.4"290/11.4" 360/14.2"400/15.7"440/17.3

* Maximum fish stocking weight depends on the percentage of body weight fed daily.

Ornamental fish weight based on feeding rate of 3% of body weight.

Aquaculture fish weight based on feeding rate of 1% of body weight.

Waterco Beads 20 Kg

Waterco Beads 20 Kg

Waterco Premium Bio Mec filter media is available in 20kg bags and ideally suited with any of the Waterco bead filtration systems. Manufactured from high quality, virgin plastics ensures a filter bead of the highest standards to ensure an excellent standard of filtration.

Price: 91.44 (Including VAT at 20%)