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Yamato Koi Food

Yamato Koi Food
Colour Enhancer

Now you can feed one of the finest low cost foods to your prizeKoi knowing that they are receiving all the best nourishment and protein that their bodies need ...

There is no doubt that over time that this superb low cost 'Yamato' food will become one of the UK's top selling and chosen foods for both the enthusiast and the novice alike ..

There are just three Packet sizes available- this keeps the cost down ...

You have the simple choice: 2kg the 5kg or the 10 kg size in both Medium and Large Pellet

A highly nutritious floating food made only from natural ingredients.

A 34% protein content makes it an ideal general feed suitable for all but the smallest Koi. The pellets will not break up in the water, and generate little waste.

Fish Meal, Cuttlefish Meal, Wheat Flour, Corn, Bean Oil Cake, Sodium phosphate, vitamins, minerals, and astaxanthin.

Protein 34% Fat 7% Fibre 2.2% Ash 5.3%

Phosphate 0.7% , Calcium 0.7%, Sodium 0.2%, Astaxanthin 8.0mg/kg

A 23,000 IU/kg D3 1,000 IU/kg E 200mg/kg C 300 mg/kg

Available in Medium(4 - 5mm) or Large (6 - 7mm) Pellets.

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